Friday, November 28, 2008

Renovation Focus Shifts to Interior Alterations

November 28 2008

Dix Systems Inc. is shifting its focus from exterior building alterations to interior alterations at its head office, located at 15131 110 Avenue in Edmonton, AB. The summer saw new shingles on the roof, a new driveway installed (manually, in 32 degree heat no less), a completely demolished and refinished front fascia, new windows and doors, and finally a sign proudly listing our business name on the exterior. These repairs and alterations have been received well by the members of the surrounding community, who are happy to see a once vacant and heavily vandalized building being restored.

With the coming winter, we have shifted our focus to the interior of our building. The arrival of our new Sales Manager, Michael Pabian, necessitated the creation or a new office to the west end of the showroom. All interior walls have now been covered and painted, and aged barnwood has been installed to cover ceiling bulk heads.

At this time, Dix Systems Inc. is also pursuing new and exciting business relationships with a major hardware retailer, as well as a plumbing retailer that services all of Western Canada. We will keep our customers updated as developments arise.

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